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Bakko Tennis Backboard

A tennis backboard is an excellent addition to any home or facility to assist players with their practice, technique and fitness. It is not always possible to have a companion on the court with whom to practice, or a player with the same skills, and herein lays the great benefit of the tennis practice backboard.

A tennis practice backboard is a teaching/learning aid for the novice and experienced player alike. It is a constructed structure on which to practice tennis techniques and play. Backboards can be made of numerous materials, although not all materials are of the same quality or provide the same performance, and vary greatly in cost.

Wood constructed backboards for tennis are generally loud and noisy, warp from moisture, have high incidence of mildew and mold, required frequent repainting, provide a poor ball bounce, limited design, and have an average life of only 2-5 years. As a result, wood backboards tend to be inexpensive. A buyer of a wood tennis backboard should be aware of the draw-backs of such inexpensive construction and the overall long-term requirement to likely repurchase in an untimely fashion. Generally speaking, wood backboards are not an overall wise choice.

Plastic constructed backboards can be durable and attractive, provide a good ball bounce, are a solid color throughout eliminating the requirement to repaint over time, however they have high expansion and contraction, the surface scratches easily, warps and ripples over time, and is available in only a flat design.

Concrete constructed backboards are an excellent choice for a tennis backboard if you are looking to provide a permanent structure and don’t mind the expensive upfront cost.  Concrete backboards require the construction of a deep steel-reinforced concrete base that needs to be installed by a construction crew. Additionally, building permits may be required.  There is little design variance available with concrete backboards, but it is durable, long-lasting and quiet. Unfortunately, the high cost of the initial installation and the permanency of this structure make it an unrealistic choice for most clubs, home-owners, resorts and schools.


Fiberglass tennis backboards are a great choice to meet all needs. Fiberglass backboards are quiet, so not to disturb neighboring areas, are mildew, mold, UV and scratch resistant, have superior ball response, and provide and excellent long-term investment for a premium backboard that can be sized for any location.

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Bakko Fiberglass Tennis Backboard Construction

For more than 30 years in the tennis industry, Tennis Universal has chosen to only sell the best tennis backboards on the market. We are proud to feature Bakko fiberglass backboards and share their superior construction for an excellent cost and tennis backboard experience around the globe.

Bakko fiberglass tennis backboards are constructed in 4’ panels allowing every backboard to be sized for the each installation’s needs.  Whether a residential installation whereby an 8’ x 12’ backboard would be best suited, a resort application where a 10’x 16’ backboard would be an enjoyed by the guests, or a college or private tennis club whereby a 10’ x 20’ backboard is required to meet the demands of the players’ practice needs. Bakko fiberglass backboards can provide the exact backboard size and style required.

Bakko’s fiberglass backboards are available in four styles. Each tennis backboard is constructed of either 8’ or 10’ high panels; each panel being 4’ wide. Popular sizing for backboards are 12’, 16’ or 20’ wide. Each style of backboard is constructed with foam sound-deadening matrix interior, and the fiberglass exterior is gel-coated and polyurethane painted (same as Imron paint). Standard colors are green, blue or black; custom colors are available as well as logo work. Installation typically takes two people four hours to install. Each backboard comes with full installation kit and instructions for the interlocking fiberglass panels. 
Your court deserves the best. Bakko Backboards are the Best!  
Bakko Tennis Backboard Economy Series

Bakko tennis backboard styles:

Economy Flat Tennis Backboard Series comes in 8’ or 10’ high panels, each panel being 4’ wide. Panels can be added to form a tennis backboard of any size. Panels are 1 3/4" thick, with three horizontal rows of pressure treated 2 x 4's (provided), for mount to fence posts. Holes are then drilled through panels at appropriate heights (instructions provided) and panels are attached with provided green faced bolts. Each panel contains sound deadening matrix interior (no metal interior frame) and is encased in the same outer fiberglass and gel coat, then painted with solar and impact resistant polyurethane paint (same as Imron paint). The Economy Flat tennis backboards are a popular choice for home owners and schools alike, where budgets are a consideration.

Economy Flat Tennis Backboard 

Professional Flat 10’ High Tennis Backboard Series. Panels are 2 1/2" thick, each panel being 4' wide, with metal interior frames dividing each panel into 20 sub-compartments. Each sub compartment is filled with sound deadening materials. Panels can be added to form a tennis backboard of any size. Panels are encased in thick fiberglass and UV protective gel coat unitized under pressure in large molds. Front and edges of panels are sprayed with a high quality impact, solar and temperature resistant green polyurethane Imron paint. Panel faces have no holes; attachment is in back with wheels. Wheels allow panels to roll in galvanized metal channels horizontally attached to fence post. Each panel weighs 150 lbs. Flat backboards are traditional; this is Bakko's oldest model and over the years, a best seller. Typically purchased by country clubs, resorts and private court owners. 
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Bakko Slimline Fiberglass Tennis BackboardSlimline 8’ High Tennis Backboard Series. Panels are 1 3/4" thick with correspondingly less interior framework and thickness of sound deadening material. Each panel is 4' wide filled with foam sound deadening matrix interior, and panels can be added to form a tennis backboard of any size. Each panel is otherwise manufactured similarly to 10' high professional lines. Panels are pre-drilled so green face bolts attach each panel to metal channel. Interior compartmentalized metal frame. Steel channels for horizontal support. 8' backboards are usually suspended a foot off the ground. This backboard is not as quiet or pleasing as the 10' high professional series but an excellent, durable practical product, and a good seller. Typically purchased by schools, universities and parks. Most common purchases are 3 and 5 panels.
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Bakko Single-Curved Tennis BackboardSingle-Curved 10’ High Tennis Backboards Series is similarly to the 10' Professional Flat Series however curved from top to bottom. Panels are 4' wide and panels can be added to form a tennis backboard of any size. Logic of this backboard is it simulates a tennis match while you still achieve practice, warm-up and workout. When you hit the ball up, it tends to come back down toward your feet. If you hit it down, it tends to return up, like an opponent should in a match. Sideways, you still must run for the ball, just like a match. On-going studies on Bakko's test court reveal this backboard is first choice by players and professionals. The bottom and top project a minimal 6" from the fence due to curve; not very obtrusive. Typically purchased by tennis camps, clubs and extreme tennis enthusiasts. The most popular size is 5 panels.

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Bakko has been developing and perfecting the tennis practice backboard for more than 35 years. Bakko tennis backboards are without doubt the best buy for your backboard dollar.

Tennis Universal Inc. also come with reliability backed by 35 years experience in the field of tennis related equipment. Aside from backboards, you can find virtually anything related to tennis courts that you will ever need including nets, posts, windscreens, lighting and Do It Yourself resurfacing materials. View the court color previewer for MultiMate court paints for both tennis and basketball courts, asphalt and concrete. Please visit the website today to view the full online catalogue. You’ll be impressed by the large selection of products you can purchase from this one-stop-shopping online tennis equipment store.
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Basketball backboards are manufactured in many different types of materials. The choice of backboard material can greatly affect the game in terms of what types of rebounds are created. Competitive leagues almost always use standard tempered glass backboards while other basketball games have a wider choice of backboard materials.
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